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Risks of asbestos roofs in Gold Coast

Asbestos is a word that strikes fear to many potential buyers, and it surely isn’t something to mess around. Asbestos is classified as a toxic material and was extensively used in a large number of construction products in the past. Roofing and siding materials containing this hazardous substance are clearly still very evident in our community today; as many old roofs were built with fibrous cement sheeting.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property, you might want to make sure that the place is safe first by having asbestos contractors evaluate the place for fibres contamination. Asbestos Watch Gold Coast is the right place to search for trusted and professional contractors. Our endorsed contractors are committed to a complete and safe removal of fibrous roofing products from your property.

Get in touch today with our members to ensure that the contaminated roofing and siding materials won’t derail the property transactions.Our endorsed contractors are fully A-class licensed, knowledgeable, and highly experienced. Their team of experts provides asbestos roof removal Gold Coast services for all types of buildings including government, commercial, and residential buildings. Our members can remove both friable and non-friable asbestos roofs at your premises- efficiently and safely. Contact our members today to ensure professionalism, safety, and complete roof removal from your property.

Table of contents
Part 1: Dangers of ACM roofs

Part 2: The best way to deal with ACM roofs

Part 3: Services provided by our A-class licensed contractors

Part 4: Your roof solution is only a call away

 Part 1: Dangers of ACM roofs

Asbestos was widely used between the 1940s until the 1980s in commercial and residential buildings in Gold Coast. It was added to roofing and siding products to increase their strength, durability, and provide insulation property. Due to the extensive use of asbestos-containing material (ACM) in ceiling parts in the past, many old buildings need careful roof removal during reconstruction, sale, and demolition.

Even thought the use of ACM roofing products was prohibited since 2003 throughout Australia, you can still find this hazardous substance in many buildings in Queensland including, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

Here is why you need help from a professional to perform asbestos roof removal Gold Coast projects:

1. Potential health hazards from fibrous roofing materials

When roofing products are in good condition and remain intact, they are commonly non-friable and not hazardous. However, aging and weather can weaken these materials and make them friable. Fibres are often released from friable materials and they can become airborne. When breathed in, fibres can lodge within human’s lungs and cause severe illnesses such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. Nowadays, More than six hundred new cases of asbestos-related diseases are diagnosed every year in Australia.

‘Between 1978 and 2010, heavy exposure to fibres caused an estimated 40 thousand lung cancer deaths and 16 thousand mesothelioma deaths. ‘ – WHO

2. When you are planning a demolition project

Asbestos is usually found in ceilings and since the ban on asbestos only really came into effect in 2003, it is still found in the ceilings of many buildings that get demolished.  Thus, if you plan on demolishing a building that was built before 1990, then you will probably have to have a special team of experts come in and remove all of the fibrous roofing materials before the rest of the demolition work can continue. Removing fibrous roofs can only be done by trained experts and competent contractors will help you to dispose of the removed asbestos as well.

3. A license is required to remove ACM roofs in Queensland

You have to remember that performing a DIY roof removal project yourself is not only dangerous but also illegal. National, regional, and local laws regulate the procedure for asbestos roof removal. Only licensed professionals are allowed to carry out asbestos removal in an area that exceeds 10 m2. Furthermore, only experts have the right equipment, knowledge, and experience that are required to remove asbestos safely and completely.

The legal requirements to handling ACMs are:

  • Only an A-class or B-class licensed removalist can remove non-friable materials
  • Only an A-class licensed removalist can remove friable materials

Important note: Avoid breaking, disturbing, cutting or removing fibrous roofing products alone!

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Part 2: The best way to deal with ACM roofs

If your property has not been examined for fibre substance recently – or ever – then action must be taken. You have to keep in mind that asbestos roof removal Gold Coast must be conducted by a professional contractor who knows the safe way to remove this hazardous substance.

We will connect you with trusted contractors that will handle your contaminated roof problems quickly. All contractors on our list are selectively chosen based on their skill and capability to deliver the desired results for clients. Their team of experts have worked with countless industries and companies and met clients’ expectations.

Top 4 reasons why you need to contact trusted members….

  1. They do all type and scope of projects
  2. Our members are highly skilled and knowledgeable
  3. They always respond to clients’ need fast
  4. Your health and safety is their highest priority

Reason 1: Asbestos roof removal Gold Coast has always been one of the primary services offered by our endorsed contractors. Our members do all type and scope of the project and control the schedule, cost, and quality to meet your needs. Their team of specialists can handle all scope of projects, starting from an initial inspection until a full roof replacement at your premise. They will stage your project in the right order to make sure everything is done properly. Through the years, they have established the reputation of being the ‘go-to’ for asbestos roof removal Gold Coast.

Reason 2: When you choose our approved members, you don’t have to go through the hassle, as they are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Our loyal clients entrust our members not only because of their experience, but also the quality of work they can deliver through their exceptionally skilled team.

Reason 3: Our endorsed contractors always work and respond to clients’ need fast. They will set an appointment with you to collect information about your roof removal project to create a fair and accurate quote. Their team of professionals will also work together with you to create a comprehensive timeline and plan for the project. Rest assured they will conduct the job on time and as per the specification of the contract.

Reason 4: We are committed to your health and safety. This is why we only give our seal of endorsement to skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced contractors who get the job done excellently. If you are looking for a contractor who is detail oriented, time conscious, and committed to your safety – Then asbestos watch Gold Coast is the perfect place for it.

Part 3: Services offered by our A-class licensed contractors

Our members offer a comprehensive range of service starting from a pre-inspection until the disposal of hazardous waste in a legal facility. They can perform a major or minor repair, complete removal, and also the replacement of fibrous roofs. Their teams of specialists ensure that your property is managed to the highest standard, while you are having a full control of your budget.

Here are top services offered by our members:

Service #1: A thorough analysis of roofing and siding products

It is hard to tell whether your roofing and siding products contain ACM or not just by looking at it. It is, therefore, important to engage a licensed assessor to inspect the suspected product. Our approved contractors will conduct a visual inspection of all roofing and ceiling areas that are accessible. When required, they can also collect the sample and test it via a NATA accredited laboratory. Asbestos testing makes it possible for them to identify the specific products that contain asbestos.

Service #2: Removal and replacement of ACM roofs

You have to remember that conducting roof removal yourself can be dangerous not only for you but also the people around you. Contact A-class licensed contractors through us to remove the damaged roof from your property to ensure your safety. Our approved contractors offer a broad range of services for removal of all fibrous roofing products in the Gold Coast region – at competitive prices. Briefly, they may follow these following procedures to remove ACM roofs from your property:

  • To prevent fibre exposure, they will firstly limit the access to the contaminated area
  • They always wear personal protective equipment such as respiratory masks and disposable overalls.
  • Our members will protect the nearby surfaces from possible contamination.
  • They will remove the fibrous roofing products and place the waste in special waste containers.
  • Their team of specialists will check dust, debris, and other waste and put it in the waste containers as well. If required, they will also seal the ceiling with a special sealant to ensure that no airborne fibre remains.
  • They will later check the building structures in case they needed a major or minor repair. If the structures do not meet the latest building requirements, they may propose to enhance the structure according to the newest regulation.
  • Once this is done, they may install a new roof with a material of your choice.

Service #3: Dispose of toxic waste to a legal facility

Transportation and disposal of toxic waste are another important processes to ensure the completion of the project. Our endorsed members will handle the transportation and disposal of the harmful waste to a nearby landfill site. They never do an improper and illegal disposal of hazardous waste. All the procedures will be performed in accordance with applicable codes and guideline.

Part 4: Your roof solution is only a phone away

A damaged roof poses great health hazards as it can release asbestos fibres outside or inside of the property. Looking into asbestos roof removal Gold Coast service providers is a sensible move to eliminate all possible risks in the future. Our members are dedicated to providing all clients with exceptional roof removal services at competitive costs.

Over the years, our endorsed contractors have met the expectations of many clients by delivering satisfactory results.

Our endorsed contractors provide a comprehensive range of service starting from the identification of ACM roofs until a complete removal of fibrous roofing products. They will assess the presence of ACM in your roofs and determine necessary actions to be undertaken to eliminate them.  After the fibrous materials are completely eliminated, the waste will be transported and disposed of in the nearest landfill site- safely and legally.

The solution for your ACM roofs is only a call or a click away. Contact one or more of our approved members to ensure that fibrous roofing materials are completely removed from your property. Simply fill in our ‘request-a-quote’ form or call our members directly to receive free quotes.

When seeking trusted contractors to remove ACM roofs from your property safely…look for Asbestos Watch Gold Coast.