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Watch Out! Asbestos Risk is Everywhere!

Do you still have an asbestos product in your home? You better watch out! You might experience the health hazard from being exposed to it. While the harmful product is not dangerous when it’s in good condition; you will never know exactly when it will become toxic. Thus, you need to be cautious when it comes to asbestos.

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Asbestos is famous for its great abilities. From heat resistant to material strengthener; Asbestos is widely used in many forms. It is divided into 2 kinds of form; non-friable asbestos and friable asbestos.

You can find non-friable asbestos products in your surroundings as:

  • imitation brick cladding
  • asbestos cement sheeting (e.g. fibro, AC sheeting)
  • walls and flat sheets in flashings
  • profiled sheets used on roofs
  • roof shingles
  • plaster patching compounds
  • water, drainage or flue pipes
  • textured paint
  • products such as gaskets, clutch housings, disc pads, brake shoes, or elevator brakes.
  • vinyl floor tiles

While friable asbestos products can be found in:

  • acoustic plaster soundproofing
  • thermal insulation/ sprayed on fireproofing/ soundproofing
  • some stage curtain fabrics
  • thermal insulation (not sprayed on).

In Gold Coast, you can still see asbestos everywhere in older buildings. Because the manufacture and use of asbestos products was just completely banned on 2003. Thus, you must check its presence in your house! You might have some left unremoved.

As mentioned above, asbestos products that are in good condition do not necessarily harmful for you. When they are left undisturbed, they will less likely to generate airborne respirable fibre dust or create a health hazard.

You probably start questioning, what the fuss is all about? How dangerous asbestos can be? The reason of why this material is dangerous is because of the fibres that can be released when the material is damaged. The asbestos dust can cause various kinds of health hazards, especially lung diseases. The risk will be greater if you inhale more fibres.

Any person can have a bigger risk of getting an asbestos-related disease. Depending on some factors, including:

  • Individual susceptibility.
  • Time span of when a person is exposed to airborne asbestos dust.
  • Asbestos concentration or levels in the air breathed.
  • Type and size of fibre dust.
  • Influence of other factors, including smoking cigarette, it may increase the chance of people who are being exposed to asbestos getting lung cancer.

Breathing in asbestos dust may lead you to 3 asbestos related illnesses, which all of them can be fatal. However, asbestos illness takes time to develop. Usually the symptoms will appear after 10 years after exposure. Furthermore, what makes it more dangerous is that there is no cure for the illness.

So, what are the harmful diseases?

  • Mesothelioma: Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the pleura (outer lung lining) or of the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity). The type of asbestos that gives the most impact to this illness is crocidolite, however, tremolite, chrysotile and amosite are also linked. Typically, the disease is dose-related, but in some cases, it has been occurred in patients with less exposure to asbestos.
  • Asbestosis: A severe lung illness that can cause a respiratory impairment. This illness causes the widespread of the interstitial fibrosis, which is scar tissues between the alveoli, all over the lung.
  • Lung cancer: This illness is relatively common among public. This type of cancer is often related with asbestos. However, there are no specific characteristics of a lung cancer that is caused by asbestos. You cannot tell a difference between a lung cancer that is caused by asbestos and the one that doesn’t.

There are still many negative impacts of being exposed to asbestos dust. This is why it’s important to take a precaution when you found this harmful material on your property. Try to get yourself a professional removalist to remove the existing asbestos product in your house. Especially when you’re planning to have a renovation or demolition project.

Gold Coast has so many reliable removalists. You can easily find one to match your asbestos problems. Handling asbestos also requires training and experience. The risk of getting the health hazard may increase significantly when you carelessly handling the harmful products. Thus, don’t even think about to take care of asbestos by yourself.

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