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The Essential Asbestos Services You Should Know About

There are really only 2 questions you need to ask, 1. Do I have asbestos at my property? 2. Do I need to get rid of it? Step out of the confusion and consult with us, we are the specialist you need.

We are longing for the day Australia is ASBESTOS FREE. Our comprehensive testing is a must. We accepted the challenge to provide the fastest and easiest testing facility in the country. Our Services are second to none!

The Benefits of Using The Fastest and Easiest Asbestos Services Provided By Asbestos Watch

As a company that has been operating for years we understand Asbestos. We know the confusion that can be suffered by people who have asbestos on their property, we can answer your questions and find the best and most affordable solution for you!

The Pre-Technology Method

Long waiting times on results, only Mon-Fri

Potential for contamination by cutting techniques

Days in delivery test results

Laboratories offer no flexibility

Complex and hidden price scheme

Asbestos Watch Gold Coast

Flexible, 7 days a week with emergency call out, available

Test the sample without the need to break it. Immediate Results techniques

Certificate of Analysis delivered On The Spot

No initial survey required, we test ON-THE-SPOT

Fixed Price No Surprises

Complete Property Coverage



Units & Highrises

Asbestos Testing Gold Coast Services

Understanding the complexity of the industry, we have made it our mission to deliver on the spot testing to the masses. No more will you have to suffer old inaccurate, inflexible, high priced and excessive waiting times on results, to find out if your family is in the asbestos firing line. Be Smart Be Safe.

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Imagine the time and money you can save with on-the-spot asbestos results! We take care of your testing needs within minutes, and we are available when it suits you, evenings and weekends, 7 days a week.




Buying or selling a property, an asbestos property inspection is just plain smart. To ensure the property you are dealing with is not asbestos contaminated, or to find out what to do if it is, have an asbestos inspection TODAY




Per sample

If you already have extracted a sample for testing, you can post it to us. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our Best Features On Show

We are a business that is on your side! From the moment you call, until we finally shake hands at the completion of the job, you can be assured the journey is about you and your family’s health and well being.

The Most Sophisticated Tool

Flexible Booking & Fast Testing

Certificate of Analysis On-The-Spot

Asbestos Removal Gold Coast Services

Did your Asbestos test show you a positive result for asbestos? We can help you achieve the best priced removal, thanks to our approved A & B Class Removalist Partners. We recommend only the most competitive and reliable. Be Safe Be Smart.

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Locations Serviced

From Oxenford to Southport, Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads, Coolangatta, Kingscliff and everywhere in between.

Google – The MOST 5 Star Reviewed Asbestos Testing Service Company

We are the leading choice for asbestos services. We focus on delivering quality while maintaining the highest health and safety standards. We have secured many large and on-going contracts from clients including local housing authorities, housing associations, and construction companies.

Since inception, Asbestos Watch Gold Coast has earned its’ reputation as one of the most preferred asbestos service providers by executing projects with the highest level of excellence, quality, and unequalled service.

Our company has earned acknowledgement for undertaking arduous residential and commercial projects and providing clients the best possible value.


What is friable asbestos?

Friable asbestos products are quite loose and can be crumbled into dust easily with very light pressure. Friable asbestos products are very dangerous when disturbed because they can release asbestos fibres easily into the air. The fibres may be inhaled by people who work or live in the area.

I’m planning to buy an old house, does it have asbestos?

Asbestos was commonly used in properties built before the mid-1980s. Make sure to check for asbestos materials before buying an old house. Contact a professional and qualified asbestos removalist to perform the testing.

Is it safe to remove an asbestos material myself?

Asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause several illnesses such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. It’s not safe for you to perform any work involving this hazardous material on your own. It’s a smart decision to seek help from a professional and certified contractor, such as Asbestos Watch Gold Coast. Let the experts do all the work.

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