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Asbestos Danger Still Lingers in Gold Coast

Serious cases of asbestos contamination in Gold Coast public buildings can still be found today. An audit revealed that many school buildings contain some form of asbestos-containing material (ACM). Furthermore, large amounts of illegally dumped ACM waste were found in numerous locations throughout Queensland. These incidents indicate that asbestos is not merely a problem of the industrial past and continuing awareness of its dangers is just as important today as it was decades ago.

When dealing with fibrous materials, it is important to engage a professional contractor. Worry no more; you can easily find reliable and competent contractors through Asbestos Watch Gold Coast!

We will connect you with A-class licensed contractors who offer excellent asbestos removal Gold Coast services.

All of our approved members have the extensive industry experience and local knowledge needed to eliminate fibrous materials in homes and buildings. Our approved members also work with the latest tools and equipment that ensure a safe removal process. Our endorsed contractors will come to your location to undertake ACM identification on site and offer you a free quote for the removals. They strive to deliver services to the highest safety standards possible.

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With a comprehensive range of services including asbestos removal of all friable asbestos, asbestos inspection, sampling and testing, a management plan for your business; our approved members have the expertise and know-how to get the job done for you.

4 Important Sections of Asbestos Removal in Gold Coast

Part 1: Asbestos is not a problem of the past
Part 2: Why contacting our members is a wise move
Part 3: Services offered by our A-class licensed members
Part 4: Competent asbestos removal services in Queensland

Part 1: Asbestos is not a problem of the past

For many years, ACM was widely used as a building material. Many old buildings in Queensland may still have ACM and thus pose serious health risk to the occupants of the house. Thanks to a sustained campaign over the past three decades, most people are now quite familiar with the dangers posed by fibrous materials. Most people are now aware that they could cause cancer although many might not be well versed with the details or the severity of the risks that it poses.

Let’s take a closer look why you need to consider asbestos removal Gold Coast;

1. ACM is still present in numerous buildings in QLD

ACM is still present in a wide variety of buildings in Queensland, including hospitals, schools, and homes, often in fences and roofing products as well as in lagging around steam pipes and boilers. Part of the reason why many older QLD buildings contain fibre is that their use was quite common between the 1940s and 1980s when the production was eventually stopped following the ban on their use. It can be a hazard to health and for this reasons its use has declined considerably in recent years.

2. Fibre can easily be inhaled

ACM has a carcinogenic effect, a factor which has led to its phasing out over the past 60 years as a preferred building material. Moreover, due to its fine fibres, ACM can easily float in the air for a very long time and this is why it poses a serious risk to many users. These fine fibres are invisible and can easily be breathed into the lungs without anyone even realising it.

Less than half of Queenslanders diagnosed with mesothelioma will survive more than a year after diagnosis. – Katie Cliff, Cancer council Queensland spokesperson

Unfortunately for most people who breathe in a lot of fibres, the body does not have a mechanism for removing particles that travel deep into the body tissues. The particles will, therefore, remains in your body for the rest of your life. This will cause a variety of asbestos-related diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, intestinal tract’s cancer and pleural plaques.

3. You could be at risk from fibre exposure

People who are most at risk are those who are exposed in their place of work. Some fields where the risk of exposure to ACM is at its highest include the following:

  • Workers involved in the mining or the milling of fibrous material
  • People involved in the making or repairs of goods where raw materials used include fibres. These include goods such as brake linings.
  • People who use products that may contain fibre. These are particular common industries such as power stations, plumbing, boiler making, heating and building and construction amongst others.
  • Asbestos removal Gold Coast contractors are also at a great risk of exposure to the harmful fibres. These are generally the people who are involved in various activities related to fibre cleanup such as demolitions, repair or even alteration of buildings that contain fibre.
  • You do not need to have extended exposure in order to be afflicted by asbestos-related conditions such as mesothelioma. There are people who have contracted condition after only a brief exposure such as washing ACM dusted clothing, for example.

When you believe that ACMs exist on your property, seek help and advice from a professional contractor immediately. It’s mandatory to hire a licensed removal expert to remove friable and non-friable ACM in an area that exceeds 10 m2.  Moreover, The local City Council recommends hiring a licensed removal specialist to conduct removal work regardless of the amount of ACMs in your building.



Part 2: Why contacting our members is a wise move

Asbestos danger still lingers in Queensland and very much current. When you are in doubt about the presence of ACMs, you should contact our endorsed contractors to identify these harmful materials within your building. They will determine the best action to eliminate fibrous materials completely from your building.

Why you need to seek help from our members…

1. Our members are selectively chosen
2. They are time conscious and put attention to detail
3. They strive to deliver exceptional services
4. Our endorsed contractors employ modern technological advances

Reason #1: You can rest assured that each contractor we connect you to have been carefully vetted after a rigorous screening process. We aim to provide you with reliable removal specialists who know exactly what to do and what to look for. They have mastered safety asbestos removal methods to eliminate the risk of exposure to your family and employees.

Reason #2: We connect you to extremely knowledgeable contractors who provide a wide range of asbestos removal, inspection, and encapsulation services to suit your needs and requirements. What really sets them apart from others is their attention to detail and their approach to meet the unique needs of each client.

Reason #3: Nothing is more important for our endorsed contractors than the safety of your family and employees. Our approved members will remove all fibrous materials from your business or house safely and leave you with a clean site. Get the results your desired with their exceptionally quality services, and at competitive prices too!

Reason #4: Our endorsed members are skilled in the newest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. We only endorse contractors who take their time to learn the latest methods, techniques, and procedures. Customer satisfaction and safety is our highest concern so we only connect you to experts who have mastered the latest technology and can flawlessly execute them.

Part 3: Services offered by our A-class licensed members

Our members provide a comprehensive range of services that include an initial inspection and a complete removal of ACMs from your property.

Services include:

1. A thorough inspection of ACMs in any commercial, residential, and government buildings

Our endorsed contractors will provide you with a clear insight of asbestos removal Gold Coast work and what you can expect after the process.  They will do a thorough assessment and record all condition and location of fibrous materials in your building. Their team of specialists will assure that the inspection result and information are available for building occupants or tradesperson that will do construction jobs there. They will identify and check ACM that was damaged and further completely eliminate it in accordance with applicable regulations.

2. Removing all fibrous materials on your property

Before performing any removal work, our members may notify Work Safe Queensland regarding all asbestos removal Gold Coast work. They will then conduct a removal in the area where deteriorated or damaged ACM was identified, whether it is above the ceiling or beneath the floor. Our endorsed removalists are equipped with modern tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) to undertake the project safely. They will limit the access to the area where fibrous materials are being removed to prevent the risk of exposure inside or outside the building. They will perform all process as effective as possible to eliminate the release of harmful fibres to the surrounding environment.

3. Handle the transportation of asbestos waste in a secure manner

Our members will handle the transportation of the toxic waste. They ensure that the hazardous waste is tightly packaged in containers and will be secured during the transport. All ACM that is transported will be:

  • Accompanied by a waste transport certificate.
  • Wet down and double-wrapped with polyethylene sheets. The waste will be sealed with adhesive tape and placed in thick containers on the vehicle.
  • Clearly labeled as ‘toxic waste’
  • Securely placed on the vehicle in a manner that will not cause the package to rupture
  • Unloaded in a way that avoids the creation of airborne fibres
  • If rupturing occurs, it will be repackaged immediately

4. Dispose of the hazardous waste in a legal landfill

Our approved members will dispose of all toxic waste safely to the nearest legal landfill. They will dispose of all hazardous waste in a legal landfill accepted by the Gold Coats city council, which is either Stapylton or reedy Creek landfill.

Information about asbestos disposal/removal cost/fees in Gold Coast fees: source

Part 4: Competent asbestos removal services in Queensland

If you believe a material that may contain ACM, don’t risk your health by handling this hazardous material yourself. Instead, get in touch with us immediately and we will connect you to A-class licensed contractors that have countless years of experience in eliminating ACMs in all over Queensland.

“Our endorsed contractors provide a comprehensive range of services to eliminate fibrous materials completely from your property, at value costs”

Our endorsed members have the qualifications, training, and experience needed to make sure your asbestos removal Gold Coast work is performed to the highest standard. They can extract all types of ACMs in any location and area, whether it is beneath the floor or on the ceiling. They always strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our highly skilled and qualified members will work with you to undertake the removal project safely.

Our approved contractors are working with modern tools and equipment to ensure the quality of the removal job. Over the years, they already conducted asbestos removal Gold Coast projects in all over Queensland, for clients who have whether commercial, residential, or industrial premises. They are also capable of handling the transportation and disposal of toxic waste to a legal landfill site approved by the city council. When required, they will also do a follow-up work to ensure the quality of the removal process, such as performing air monitoring.

If you are seeking for exceptional services and peace of mind, contact one or more of our approved members today. They will handle all of your asbestos problems and deliver the desired results to you.