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Huge fines for improper asbestos management

There are many cases in Queensland where companies face hefty fines after unintentionally exposing their employees to fatal asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). The incidents happened since such companies don’t comply with the current regulations surrounding asbestos management. By law, companies are required to have an asbestos management plan (AMP) in place that outlines how they manage ACM in the workplace. Companies that don’t own an AMP can face penalty and hefty fines from the regulatory body. Moreover, if your employees develop an illness as a result of exposure to hazardous fibre, you can be held liable and pay compensation to them.

If you need to create a comprehensive AMP for your business, get in touch with us immediately.Asbestos Watch Gold Coast will connect you with A-class licensed contractors who will help you to develop a comprehensive AMP. They will assist you to create a plan that outlines where ACMs are likely to be found and what control measures need to be taken. Our endorsed contractors are knowledgeable and skilled in many asbestos disciplines.




Whether you need help to develop a sound AMP for a large or small business, our approved members can help! They will inspect your building and other relevant structures, conducting risk assessments and create a detailed asbestos management plan Gold Coast. If required, they can also perform periodic reviews to keep your AMP up-to-date.

If you need a more detailed information or estimate, contact our approved contractors today! Call one or more of our members and they will be glad to give you free and customizable quotes for your project.

Table of contents

  1. Duty to manage ACM in workplaces
  2. Find competent experts to manage the risk
  3. Discover services offered by our members
  4. Developing an excellent AMP for your business

Section 1: Duty to manage ACM in workplaces

In Gold Coast, many industrial buildings built or renovated before the 1990s will be likely to contain ACMs. Hence, if you own a commercial building built before this era, you should make an AMP eliminate the risk of fibre exposure to your employees and site guests. By creating an AMP, you are a step forward in protecting your employees from fibre exposure and possible health risks in the future.

‘Recent studies indicated that despite the presence of regulations on the safe handling of ACM; some workers continue to be exposed to harmful fibres due to a lack of awareness of the right procedures required to detect, manage, and remove ACMs and non-compliance with the latest regulations.’ – Safe work Queensland

An AMP can help you to manage fibrous materials in your property so that exposure to toxic fibre can be prevented. It should be made to locate assumed, identified, or naturally occurring ACM in the building. In brief, the asbestos management plan should contain:

  • The identification of ACMs in the workplace (e.g. a reference or hyperlink to the asbestos register and location of signs and labels)
  • Reasons behind the implemented control measures
  • Actions for dealing with emergency situations or incidents caused by ACMs
  • Workers carrying out work involving ACMs (e.g. consultation, info and training responsibilities).

Here are 3 tops reasons why you need to create an AMP:

Reason 1: ACMs are extensively used in the past

Asbestos was deemed as one of the most versatile and useful minerals known to mankind. Due to the widespread use this toxic material in the past, it can be found in most public buildings, including schools, libraries, factories, and hospitals.

Common products and locations that may contain fibrous materials:

  • Textured decorative coatings: However, these coatings contain a small amount of ACM.
  • Pipe insulation: the fibrous pipe lagging is one of the most hazardous ACM products.
  • Fire protection on the structural products.
  • The most common use of ACM is in the door panels, windows and ceilings. If drilling is performed on the ceilings, then it can also generate high fibres levels.
  • Loose ACM is also present in the ceilings and the walls.
  • The Vinyl thermoplastic tiles contain ACM as well.
  • The downpipes and roof gutters have also got fibrous cement in them.

Reason 2: Legal requirements for a property owner

The Asbestos Management Program requires a commercial building owner to:

  • Identify all ACM on the property and obtain an ACM Inspection Report. If your building was built before 1 January 1990, you have an obligation to comply with the applicable code;
  • Develop an Asbestos Register of ACM, (since 1 January 2012 this is required even if no ACM is found); and
  • Develop an AMP if ACM is found.

If you have not met the terms, you should ask a qualified person to conduct an asbestos inspection right away.

Reason 3: Hefty fines for non-compliance

You have to keep in mind that tenants, managers, and personnel performing demolition and refurbishment work (not just owners) have an obligation to comply with the current AMP. There are significant consequences for failure to comply with obligations, with fines up to $60,000 or 6 years imprisonment, as well as risks of liability for damages if these matters are not adequately addressed.

However, having a sound AMP is not just about fulfilling a legal obligation. By having a sound AMP in-place, you ensure the safety of your employees from the potential health hazards from fibre exposure. This is why it is important to engage a professional contractor to create an asbestos management plan Gold Coast.

Find out more:

  2. – PDF file

Section 2: Find competent experts to manage the risk

 To comply with latest regulations and ensure the safety of the building occupants, you should seek advice and help from competent contractors who can assist you with the development of an asbestos management plan Gold Coast that meets all governments’ requirements.

Top 5 reasons why you need to call our members….

  1. We offer a straightforward process
  2. Our members are reliable and competent
  3. They take all projects seriously
  4. They are dedicated to clients satisfaction
  5. Total solutions for your ACM problems

Reason 1: Finding contractors that offer an easy and straightforward process to create an asbestos management plan Gold Coast tends to be challenging. You will not face this problem when hiring contractors through us. Our rigorous selection process ensures that all of our endorsed contractors are reliable and competent. We will connect you straight away with A-class licensed contractors that already delivered the desired results for many clients. Our members offer a wide range of services that include an initial survey and periodic reviews at a value cost. Rest assured they will help you with all necessities to create an excellent asbestos management plan Gold Coast. 

Reason 2: Our endorsed contractors have the relevant knowledge, training, and experience to develop a detailed AMP for your business. They are familiar with building constructions and can determine where fibrous materials are likely to present within a building. They can also differentiate friable and non-friable fibres and evaluate their states and conditions.

Reason 3: From performing an initial survey to conducting periodic reviews, our approved members have it covered. Their team of specialists is committed to performing the job right – and at competitive prices.  They perform every project with a commitment to the highest standard and quality.

Reason 4: Their dedication to clients’ satisfaction is what really sets them apart from others. Our endorsed contractors strive to provide you with fast, competent, and reliable services at value costs. Over the years, they have demonstrated the ability in providing efficient solutions and deliver satisfactory results for clients.

Reason 5: Our endorsed contractors provide a total solution for your ACM-related problems. Whatever ACM-related problems you are facing, get in touch with our members immediately so they can attend to your needs and plan the development of an excellent AMP.

Section 3: Discover services offered by our members

Our endorsed contractors will assist you with the management and control of the building to prevent fibre exposure by employees and site guests.  They will take reasonable actions to label and record fibrous materials inside asbestos register and inform everyone on the premises exactly where ACM exists, the consequences of exposure, and other suitable measures.

Service 1: Developing a detailed and comprehensive AMP

Our approved members will develop an AMP that set out clear aims, stating what is going to be carried out, when it’s going to be done, and how it’s going to be applied. The plan will be readily accessible to your employees and workers who will carry out works on the site. They may perform a pre-inspection, sampling, and testing before creating an AMP. Our endorsed removalists will check all accessible locations and areas, including roofing, fencing, and cement sheeting products.

Briefly, the AMP will cover these following aspects:

  • The workplace’s register of ACM
  • Details of maintenance work such as:
  • Who performed the job
  • The date it was carried out
  • The scope of the job
  • Any clearance certificates
  • How people are informed about ACMs and the risks they face
  • Applied control measures and reasons behind them
  • A timetable for action, including priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments and specific circumstances that might affect the timetable
  • Training schedules for employees and contractors
  • A process for reviewing and updating the arrangement and also the register of a sample, such as a timetable
  • Safe and proper work methods.

Service 2: Create and update an asbestos register

If you don’t currently own an asbestos register, our approved assessors will create an asbestos register for your company. If you already have an asbestos register, they will check and update it whenever they have jobs done on ACMs, such as removal or repair. They will make sure that all information is presented in a suitable manner and accessible to all workers. They may also provide additional descriptions and use diagrams to assist you in locating identified ACMs in the workplace.

Service 3: Performing periodic reviews when required

As stated in the state and national guideline, the AMP must be up to date and reviewed a minimum of once every five years. However, our members may perform the review sooner if:

  • ACM is removed, disrupted, enclosed or sealed
  • The implemented control measures are no longer adequate for handling ACM at the workplace
  • A representative from the health and safety department requests an evaluation in certain circumstances.

Section 4: Developing an excellent AMP for your business

Asbestos Watch Gold Coast will connect you with A-class licensed contractors to develop a sound asbestos management plan Gold Coast for your business. Our endorsed contractors specialize all types of asbestos related services for residential, industrial, and commercial projects. They strive to provide you with exceptional quality services at competitive costs.

It is important to ensure that the control measures are working effectively.

Our approved members are highly skilled and have the relevant knowledge to develop a sound AMP for compliance with regulations.  They will help you with the control and management of the building to prevent fibre exposure to your employees and site guests. Their team of professionals will analyse the hazards postured by fibrous materials in your property and create an appropriate system to manage them.

Without a doubt, Contact one or more A-class licensed contractors through Asbestos Watch Gold Coast when you have problems with fibrous materials, and they will develop a sound AMP for your business!