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Don’t worry about booking us to come out. Get the flexibility you need with asbestos sample testing by sending us the samples in the post. We’ll get the results back to you as quickly as possible. You can collect the sample with our documented safety process and send it to us for analysis. This is the most flexible service you can undertake to test your sample.

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Your Choice – Either Collect the Asbestos Yourself or Use a Hygienist

For your safety, please follow the guidelines below to collect the asbestos sample.

For bonded or suspected non-friable asbestos

  • Lay down a plastic drop sheet to catch any loose material that may fall off while sampling.
  • Turn off any fans or air conditioning if you’re inside. If outside, then sample on a non-windy day.
  • Put on a Class P2 respirator mask and wear a pair of disposable coveralls.
  • Prepare equipment.
  • Spray the area down with water.
  • Remove samples with pliers.
  • Place sample in bag & label.
  • Paint the exposed edge with PVA glue.

For non-friable asbestos

  • Dampen down the area with a water spray bottle.
  • Remove a sample (30mm x 30mm) of material with clean pliers.
  • Select a Sample from a corner edge or along an existing hole, crack, or behind a powerpoint. If the edge is exposed, apply PVA glue to seal any fibres.
  • Place the sample into a resealable plastic bag, and double bag.
  • Label with the Date, Site Details, Sample Number and Sample Location.
  • Post in a plastic or padded sealed envelope.


  • Please let us know the location in the property that the sample was collected from: (I.e.: bedroom, bathroom ceiling, rear fence etc.
  • The optimum sample is the size of a 5 and 50 cent piece.
  • Enclose the material in a sealed plastic bag. Repeat this process for each sample requiring analysis. Then put all bagged samples into two plastic bags and seal.
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How much does asbestos sample testing cost?

Sample testing by post will cost $57 per sample. Contact us directly if you plan to send many samples so you can get our best price. See why our testing services are preferred by many customers and contractors because of the fast analysis and delivered results.

Asbestos Sample Testing on the Gold Coast

After following the safety sampling procedure for bonded and non-friable asbestos, you send the sample to our head office at:

187 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna QLD 4300

The report will be emailed to you with results indicating the type of fibres present including
any asbestos (eg. Chrysotile, Amosite or Crocidolite).

Why Choose Asbestos Watch for Postal Asbestos Sample Testing?

  • Only $57/sample
  • Any property type
  • Sample supplied by yourself

Please download and fill the form below for the safety instructions and process.

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See below Why customers keep returning to Asbestos Watch Gold Coast:

Clint Lavelle

Highly recommend Mark and the team at Asbestos Watch. Mark came onsite on short notice and provided a thorough report straight away, no sending samples to a lab for testing and waiting days or weeks for results. They Provided a quote that same day for the removal of the found asbestos, we booked them in and they were there the following week, the team did a very professional job and were a pleasure to deal with.

Yunita Pambayun

Highly recommend their service! Mark and his team did excellent jobs! Mark and his team are friendly, professional and approachable. We requested a service of asbestos testing for our linoleum flooring and ended up removing it using their service. The removal work is handled with care and safety. On top of that, the service cost was fantastic. Greatly appreciated.

Perry Simpson

Absolutely recommend this service !! Mark was very clear and easily understandable with explaining his service and findings. Will definitely be using in the future.

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