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Saving Your Time with Our Fast and Accurate Testing Process

We use the latest testing tool for our fast and accurate testing process that doesn’t require extracting a large sample from your property. Testing takes only minutes and you will get the test results immediately with the certificate of the analysis on the same day.

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Get Upfront and Fixed Asbestos Testing Costs in Clagiraba

Straight forward fee structures that avoid the confusion and complexity with no hidden or additional fees for every single sample we test through the testing process.

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Fast Bookings Guaranteed

Our team is ready to respond to all enquiries seven days a week, even late at night.

You can book our testing services by calling us on 07 560 66750. Our team will arrange the schedule at your convenience.

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We Are Licensed and Insured

Our technician holds a B-Class license which is a requirement for removing bonded asbestos. We also have full insurance coverage and liability up to $20 million to conduct testing and removing of asbestos materials.

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Get Our Asbestos Testing Services in Clagiraba as You Need

Mobile Asbestos Testing

We service Clagiraba with same day asbestos test results for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our latest testing tool is capable of giving you a live test result with the highest level of accuracy.

Asbestos Inspections

Get the most valuable service in Clagiraba with our unlimited sample testing via our “full asbestos inspections” for all property types. Our inspector provides comprehensive testing for your property from the ground to the top without any additional cost of sampling. A competitive fixed full property price is available.

Asbestos Register

We’ll help you to submit or update an asbestos register for your workplace “commercial or Industrial property”. If you have a workplace built before 1990 there are likely Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) somewhere in the building. As per WHS regulations, you need to identify if asbestos is present and document its whereabouts via a register. We provide the complete process from audit, testing and a condition report of all asbestos identified.

Asbestos Management Plan

The purpose of an Asbestos Management Plan is to prevent exposure in your workplace if working with these materials is being undertaken. All asbestos information outlining procedures and methods is identified in the document. This document is paramount in informing staff members and or any tradespersons that may be engaged. We are glad to offer an asbestos register and a management plan with a condition report as part of our services to you at highly competitive fixed fees.

Asbestos Sample Testing

If you have extracted samples, our asbestos postal service is another option for our clients. Simply send your samples to our Lab. We guarantee the results within 60 minutes after receiving samples. Please download and follow the instructions document form below.


Is Asbestos testing important?

Yes it is, with an unprecedented renovation boom now underway the risk of exposure is at the highest level in years. It should never be taken for granted. If you have a property built before 1990, there are likely asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) somewhere within the building and or within the grounds. Asbestos identification will help to keep you safe from exposure. An asbestos expert will identify any threats, and if required give you guidance for a comprehensive asbestos removal plan.

Why asbestos is dangerous?

Asbestos material is used extensively in Australia and commonly found in a house built before 1990. Because of its robust material profile, asbestos practically is used on any part of a building as we known asbestos products. It is applied on wall insulation, eaves, roof, fences and even water tanks.

Asbestos research conducted in early 1960 revealed an association between exposure to asbestos and non-malignant lung disease including diffuse asbestosis (diffuse fibrosis of the lung). Asbestos can be exposed from the material and inhaled to our lungs when it is broken or scraped. When it is left intact, it may not pose a risk to your health. Due to its microscopic size, the best way to identify it is through an asbestos test.

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